Family Life


I don’t think I can actually remember a time in Ireland when it has been this hot or dry! I love the sunshine and now that the summer holidays have started it is even better. Long and lazy summer days are what I live for! It is so good to be able to stay outside all day and evening. Other than my toddlers living in a paddling pool we decided to do some outside painting. It involved a very large poster which has been kicking about my house for a few years and some paint. I left the rest up to them! Naturally enough like most toddlers it was more fun to paint their hands and feet than on the paper!




Toilet Roll tubes and lots of glue!

My two kids are aged 2 & 3. I try to think of different ideas to keep them amused after pre school and during the holidays. I always save the cardboard tubes from toilet roll because they always seem to get endless fun from them. Check out my Pinterest page for some ideas. Today Alone with the toilet roll tubes I give them some PVA glue, sequences and ribbon. It kept them amused for hours and their imaginations ran wild!